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OP Division

Highly advanced comprehensive Urology OP centre

@ Chevayur, Calicut

Dr. H&K Urology Center, one of the best urology hospitals and pediatric centres in Kerala and the outpatient wing of MIART has the latest amenities and ultra-modern diagnostic and interventional facilities for the patients. The specialities include Laparoscopy lab, Prostate clinic, Laser clinic, Stone clinic, Paediatric and Female urology, and Robotized lab division among others. The outpatient facility caters to comprehensive care for patients and is equipped with advanced pharmacy and laboratory.

IP Division

A Complete Urology IP Patient Services Center

@MIART Hospital ,Palazhi

Metromed international cardiac centre announces its new urology division, MIART. This is a joint venture by Kerala’s first Laser, 3D Lap and Robotic Surgeons, Dr. Hari Govind, Dr, Krishna Mohan and their team with MICC. The concept is to provide advanced and comprehensive kidney care to people of India & international patients at affordable cost.

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Institute Overview

  • As the best urology hospital in Kerala, the activities of our institute involve a special blend of complex and high-volume clinical cases with broad basic and translational scientific endeavours that foster the next borders in our area of expertise.
  •  Our surgeons and urology doctors acquire valuable experience using the latest techniques, which fosters the development of innovative procedures such as single-port laparoscopic and robotic surgery, urethral reconstruction, ureteric re-implantation, HOLEP, SCAR LESS 3-D LAP NEPHRECTOMY, RIRS, NOTES, ULTRAMINIPERC, ECIRS AND SUPINE PCNL.
  •  The institute offers a comprehensive range of urologic and kidney care for both adults and children.
  • The first DEX Robotized Laparoscopic Centre in Asia.
  •  International standard renal transplant and dialysis intensive care unit (ICU)
  •  This environment ultimately allows doctors to provide better patient care by all means.

Kidney Care Under Metromed International Cardiac Centre

MIART, Metromed international cardiac centre announces its new urology division. Together with MICC, this is a collaborative effort by Drs. Hari Govind and Krishna Mohan, the first robotic, laser, and 3D lap surgeons in Kerala. The idea is to offer patients from outside India and other countries affordable, high-quality kidney care.

Chairman's Message

The idea of designing an institute that fosters world class urology care is one of the commitments to provide best care for our patients through innovative research, rigorous medical education and clinical team work. We have opened a door to transform new technologies and human intellect to the betterment of humanity. We broke the limits of sky and even the boundaries of Universe, and thus we must not refrain from breaking the borders of science. We weave techniques and technologies together to fill the gap between surgeons and disease. We hope that our attempt will be a prime step to create a world class hub of Urology Care that will make more effective treatments to more patients, sooner.

Dr.Hari Govind

From The Executive Director & CEO

It's my pleasure to welcome you all to our new venture MIART (Metromed Institute of advanced urology and renal transplant) a sub division of MICC. MIART is proud to offer state -of-the Art of urology services of high quality affordable to all. More than the list of services we are your well wishers, neighbours, fellow community members working together to assist you in your health care journey with the message of "human life is about living to the fullest". MIART is equipped with highly advanced Operation theaters with ultra modern facilities of 100 watts holmium LASER, 3D Einstein vision system. Asia’s first DEX robotic system of French technology, advanced Endo urology suit for the delivery of international quality of services for the people, who will be caring for you or your loved one when you use our services. On behalf of entire team I offer you my sincere best wishes for good health and well into the future.

Dr. Krishna Mohan

Our Vision

  •  Improve lives and maintain high-quality healthcare with empathy, integrity, and dignity.
  •  Encourage the world about cutting-edge urology techniques.
  •  Patient care with minimally invasive procedures and zero hospital stays
  • We plan to consistently enhance the calibre of services we offer.

Our Mission

  •  To provide patients with outstanding care at a reasonable cost while utilising cutting-edge technology for urological treatments.
  •  Zero hospital mortality.
  •  Reduce the duration of hospital stay.
  •  Limit the use of transfused blood
  •  To represent the future of robotic and endoscopic minimally invasive surgery
  •  Create an opening in order to avoid open surgery.
  •  Encourage scar-free surgeries
  •  Create a tube free hospital using laser.

Our Values

  •  Our care programmes continue to revolve around providing an exceptional patient experience.
  •  Personalised care from knowledgeable, skilled professionals who will always put the needs of the patient before those of the process, the procedure, and the price.
  •  Provide a comprehensive array of healthcare services under one roof with the highest calibre of care in the state utilising cutting-edge technology.